Our Vision
We will continue to approach education from a bold, innovative perspective and inspire other schools, teachers and families. We will be a school where continued improvement is informed by observation and reflection, iterative processes involving families, educators and children, and scientific research.
Our vision is aligned with deep social, economic and environmental changes –such as open source software, open culture, and democratisation of knowledge– which are impacting on the way we see education and which animate our values:
Enquiry, reasoning and critical thinking have become essential tools to navigate the Information Age and should underpin our view of learning as a passionate, hands-on, and freely rhythmed process.
Skills such as emotional intelligence, communication and collaboration are not only indispensable in a sharing economy but must also contribute to a more democratic and humane vision of education that values agency, active responsibility and social engagement.
An increasingly technologised milieu can become a valuable aid in children's learning, but we must acknowledge and prioritise nature and the outdoors as the prime environment in promoting confidence, resilience and physical and emotional health. Moreover, without a deep attachment to nature, the young will not be able –or willing– to protect it.
Through our commitment to these values, and by strengthening our connections with organisations and individuals working on educational, social, and environmental issues, Kaleide International School is determined to create a positive impact on the lives of children and their families, as well as in the wider community and the natural environment.
Image by titanium22, CC BY-SA 2.0
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